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Ovulating women

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Link: Have women evolved to protect themselves from rapists? - By Jesse Bering - Slate Magazine

  1. When threatened by sexual assault, ovulating women display a measurable increase in physical strength
  2. Ovulating women overestimate strange males' probability of being rapists.
  3. Ovulating women play it safe by avoiding situations that place them at increased risk of being raped.
  4. Women become more racist when they're ovulating.


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01/14/11 at 15:22:44

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Ovulazione e elezioni presidenziali

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Link: Inductivist: Closeness to ovulation predicted voting for Obama

Secondo un recente studio (pdf) era più probabile che le giovani di razza bianca progettassero di votare per Obama se interpellate sull'argomento nel periodo dell'ovulazione.

The authors interpreted this to mean that women become sensitive to men as potential mates around the time when they are most fertile; if a man seems dangerous (in this study blackness is thought to be associated with dangerousness) they are repelled by him out of fear of sexual assault; if a man seems powerful, attractive, and safe, they will be attracted to him. The study also found that these tendencies were particularly strong among conservative women (liberal women planned to vote for Obama, regardless).


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12/05/10 at 19:48:14