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Going Dutch

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Dutch Women: Less Work, Less Pay, More Happiness.

Link: Women in the Netherlands work less, have lesser titles and a big gender pay gap, and they love it. - By Jessica Olien - Slate Magazine

Dutch women's refusal to seek longer hours has long bewildered economists. In the spring, the United Nations, suspicious that there was something keeping women from full-time jobs, launched an inquiry to see whether the Netherlands was in compliance with the women's rights treaty. A comprehensive 2009 study by Alison L. Booth & Jan C. Van Ours looked at the amount of time women in the Netherlands spend at work compared with women in other European countries. The authors assumed that part-time work was less desirable but ultimately confirmed that Dutch women don't want to spend more time at work. The NIS News Bulletin interpreted the results of the study as: "Attempts to get more women working full-time are doomed to failure because nobody has a desire for this. Both the women themselves and their partners and employers are satisfied with the Dutch part-time culture for women."

Ecco il commento di The Spearhead: Dutch Women: Less Work, Less Pay, More Happiness.

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The Global Gender Gap Report 2009

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The Global Gender Gap Report 2009

Vale la pena di dare un'occhiata a questa pubblicazione: World Economic Forum - Gender Gap Report

Mi sono interessato alla cosa in relazione a questo articolo di Katie Baker apparso in stampa su Newsweek il 9 novembre 2009: Italy Scores Poorly On World Gender Gap Report - Wealth of Nations Blog - Newsweek.com.

Italy scored particularly poorly on measures of economic opportunity, because women account for only 43 percent of the workforce, and only one third of senior positions in Italian companies are held by females (compared with 43 percent in the U.S.). And Italy ranks among the worst (116) for equal pay for equal work.


Pare in realtà che a livello europeo nel 2007 l'Italia non fosse messa male in quanto a “wage equality for similar work”. A parte questo, il report in effetti desta una piccola perplessità...

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